Episode 16 — Green is Clean Air and Clean Water for All — Unintended Consequences — Chapter 7, Part 2

Fire at BP Deepwater Horizon 2010
Bird in Oil Alaska 1989
800 Mile Oil Spill Alaska 1989
San Bruno Gas Pipeline Explosion 2010
Aliso Canyon Methane Leak 2014
Alberta Waste Oil Spill 2014
Oil Train Derailment in New Brunswick, Canada 2014
Alabama Oil Train Crash 2013
Mayflower, Arkansas Exxon Oil Spill 2016
Lac Megantic Quebec Oil Train Crash 2013
Enbridge Tar Sands Oil Pipeline Spill Kalamazoo 2010
Ramsey Natural Gas Processing Plant in Orla, Texas 2015
Flaring Methane
Alexander Cannara — Energy Basics @ TEAC3
Dr. Alex Cannara
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Dr Wade Alison
Nuclear is for Life by Wade Alison
Wade Allison
Rediscovering the Promise of Nuclear Power by Wade Allison
Inside the Gas Industry’s Plan to Sink Nuclear Power, Lachlan Markay 14 April 2019
“Renewables” vs Nuclear Power by George Erickson 21 Sept 2017
Quadrennial Technology Review 2015 Department of Energy
Thorium and Uranium Compared Slide 1 of 3
Thorium and Uranium Compared Slide 2 of 3
Thorium and Uranium Compared Slide 3 of 3

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