To start the new year we will be publishing episodes from the book “Unintended Consequences: The Lie that Killed Millions and accelerated Climate Change“, by best selling science author Dr. George Erickson. Each week we be posting part of Dr. Erickson’s book onto our web page and social media channels…

Well aren’t they all serious? We have a significant agenda: safe, clean, green energy for the world. Moving ahead with our objectives one meeting at a time.

The collective connected wealth of this table can be measured in billions if not trillions. Our focus: Energy production from Thorium Molten Salt Fission Technology.

And if you do it with the right rocks, you can get out more fuel than you put in.

This is a great piece of history. The late Professor Mike Driscoll of MIT, known for his work on fission breeding (where more fuel is produced than is consumed — go figure!) asked the question of the origins of the word “breeder” to Dr. Alvin Weinberg. This is Dr. Weinberg’s response with Dr. Eugene Wigner’s handwritten addition. 12 April 1976.

I want to tell you a story

The first guy, we will call Nic. Nic is a big guy and he can do the “generic” job. Nic is reliable, consistent, and if you treat him right he is a gentle giant. But when you make Nic mad then you need…

The Thorium Network

We Deliver Thorium(TM) for Molten Salt Fission Technology(TM). Blockchain focused. Technology focused. A 21st century solution>>>

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